Our Story

Our Story

Hello, I’m Louisa, a mother to six, a police officer and a Brisbane woman.

I am passionate about inspiring ALL young girls to be active, body positive, to get off the screens, respect their bodies, and just be kids!

WHY Activewear? I was tired of buying clothes for the kids that only lasted a few washes, lost shape and looked worn out. I also didn’t like the pervability of the short shorts available, with booty peep and eye-catching stitching (right where us mums don’t want it 😉).

So I decided to create Owlete Active. A range of Activewear, JUST FOR GIRLS 3-15 years, that has lots of colour and FUN! I encourage my daughters, Emily (7) and Asher (5) to be a part of every design and business decision, so you know that I’ve got their tick of approval for every piece in our collection.

I sourced strong, durable, good quality, fast drying fabrics, with strong stitching. I have paid attention to the design of our range to ensure everything is 'Perv Free'.

Our range includes heaps of colour, pattern and personality... We have tested the wear and tear on our collections, and we know that you will be really happy with our products.

I want kids to LOVE activewear as much as we do and look forward being active and doing exercise.

I am passionate about encouraging every child to express their beautiful and unique personality 🤣 while wearing all the clothes us adults only wish we could get away with. 😉🎉
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