I'm Louisa, an Aussie, a mum to 6, and the owner of Owlete Active (as well as wearing many other hats).

I created Owlete Active in 2019 when my girls started doing gymnastics and the stock available in the big shops was.... not cool.

I'm not a drop shipper, or a fly by the night online business, I created this brand for all our girls to be comfortable and covered while training and discovering a passion for fitness. 

Owlete active activewear for young girls across australia with better body coverage and made for mums who love and care about the dignity of their daughters

In 2007 I completed a cert IV in fitness which was the start of my fitness fanaticism. When I had my two girls, Emily and Asher, I wanted to expose them to a life of fitness and exercise. 

 owlete active founder louisa with her two girls emily and asher at a colour fun

In 2008 I began my life working in the police service in QLD has shown me all the different characters that loom within society. I don't want my girls getting mixed up in that crowd and I know you feel the same.

Emily came to me at the age of 4 "mummy, I want to do gymnastics". We went along and I saw the activewear and gym wear worn by the girls, and it upset me to think of who else is looking at these girls. 

emily at gymnastics class

I wanted something that would cover my girl in all the right places, but was easy to wear while tumbling and climbing ropes. 

With that Owlete Active was born and throughout the design and creation process, I wanted every piece to be made with 'Better Body Coverage'. 

 owlete active models emily and asher on the beach

 I started by designing shorts and matching socks. Through feedback from friends and followers, I incorporated a pocket into the shorts. I made the pockets large enough to fit a mobile phone, so girls with Juvenile Diabetes could benefit from my products and they could engage in activities and play and not be held back by their disease.

I received sooo many awesome comments and 'Thank you's' like this one:

Review email from a very happy Owlete Active customer to Louisa
Since this time the range has grown to capris, tights, jackets, bags and bottles, with more new styles and designs on the horizon 👏
So pleased to have you along for the Owlete Active ride.


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