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  • age appropriate longer crop tops for kids

    , by Louisa LOGUE Owlete Actives Crop Tops

    We want girls to feel like they're dressing with the times, but what we really want is mum to know that her girl isn't going...

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  • kids activewear with better body coverage and fun prints

    , by Louisa LOGUE Better Body Coverage for Kids Activewear | Owlete Active

    From tanks and crops, to jackets and tights – we’ve got everything you need for your little gym enthusiasts. Not only do we have a variety of fun...

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  • girls doing downward dog pose by the pool in activewear

    , by Louisa LOGUE What is 'Squat Proof Activewear' and what isn't

    but this isn't always helpful, as it makes the fabric across the buttock area too stretchy and when in the squat position SEE THROUGH, ergo...

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  • girls dancing to music

    , by Louisa LOGUE Cheeky Ways to Get Kids Moving

    "I have one son, who you'd be forgiven for thinking is allergic to exercise... So I have to come up with crafty ways of getting...

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  • Our Story

    , by Louisa LOGUE Our Story

    I was tired of buying clothes for the kids that only lasted a few washes, lost shape and looked worn out. I also didn’t like the...

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  • quality kids activewear shorts

    , by Louisa LOGUE Quality Girls Activewear Shorts with a difference.

    I know that you will be able to put your girls into our activewear shorts with peace of mind that there will be 'no show'...

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