girls doing downward dog pose by the pool in activewear

What is 'Squat Proof Activewear' and what isn't

What does ‘Squat Proof’ mean and what do I need to look for on the label to know if my Activewear is squat proof? 

Squat proof is a polite way of saying ‘we can't (more often can) see your undies through your pants when you're in a squat position’ 

Activewear fabric squat-proofness has three elements

  1. The fabric mix is usually, nylon/elastin or polyester/elastin these are labelled with a % to show how much of each element is making up the fabric.

  2. The GSM. Which is the density of weave in the fabric, or how tightly packed together the strands are.

  3. The colour

The amount of elastin in the fabric can be a determining factor of the fabric being squat proof. If amount of elastin is high (40% range) then you could unknowingly be showing off your underdacks when you’re at the gym. This high level of elastin gives fabric a fabulous stretch-ability, but this isn't always helpful, as it makes the fabric across the buttock area too stretchy and when in the squat position SEE THROUGH, ergo NOT squat proof.

Owlete Active uses a Nylon73%/Spandex27% fabric for our plain coloured pieces and a Polyester73%/Spandex27% fabric for our prints.

The GSM also plays a role here. If fabric is a high gsm it can be thick, hot, and heavy. Yet if the GSM is below 200 then the fabric is light and airy, but the distance between each strand of thread isn’t high enough to block visibility, of that cute stripy number with the words ‘HOT STUFF’ printed across your butt.

Owlete Active aim for between 250GSM and 300GSM. This is a happy medium between high enough density to ward off pilling and see throughness Vs being too hot to handle wearing.

Colour plays a small part. With cotton the lighter the colour the more see-through it is. But in the activewear world, if the fabric has a good GSM (250 - 300) and the elastin is below 30%, even white shorts can be squat proof 💥Winning💥

Hope you enjoyed our little tale of the squat-proofness phenomena and what to look out for while shopping for your Activewear 👍