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From tanks and crops, to jackets and tights – we’ve got everything you need for your little gym enthusiasts. Not only do we have a variety of fun colors, prints, and designs; but also, durable materials that are sure to withstand all kinds of tough playtime. So let your girls run around in style while feeling comfortable at the same time – grab some activewear today!  


Let's face it: gym class can be pretty tough for kids! That's why having the right active wear is so important when it comes to gym class, age-appropriate gear that supports their growth, keeps them cool and comfortable, and lets them move with ease. Having a set of activewear specifically designed for children helps make gym class more enjoyable as well as promote healthy exercise habits in children. So don't forget to stock up on some high quality and fun activewear for your children today - they'll thank you later!  

Keep your child comfortable and active at the gym with our kids' activewear collection. Our age-appropriate pieces provide better body coverage that gives comfort, protection, and freedom of movement. 

better body coverage activewear for girls


If you're looking for comfortable shorts that come with a stylish flair, then shorts with pockets might just be the best option. These comfortable bottoms can be worn as part of a casual summer outfit with a tee and sneakers, or dress them up with some sandals and a statement top for a more pulled-together look. Pockets allow items such as keychains, wallets, and other small items to be safely tucked away and carried around without having to worry about leaving them behind. Plus, pockets offer an added layer of convenience when packing light or traveling – they save space while storing all the important necessities in one place! 

kids shorts with pockets


Long crop tops are the perfect way for kids to look stylish and still have tummy coverage! Whether they want to show off those chunky tummies, or be covered up, long crops offer smiles all around. Parents love that their little ones can feel safe and secure in clothing designed with them in mind. Kids just love the bright colors, cool patterns and fun designs that brighten their days. Style has never been so easy - best of all, it's still comfy enough for any activity or occasion!  

longer crop tops for kids


Skorts for kids are the perfect combo! They provide the fun style of a skirt but with attached shorts that increase functionality. This makes running, skipping, jumping and playing much easier than in a traditional skirt. It's also great for parents as they don't have to worry about their kids flashing unknowingly during play. Kids who wear skorts get the best of both worlds; fashion and comfort, making them the perfect choice for any active kiddo! 

 skorts for kids