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Cheeky Ways to Get Kids Moving

5 Sneaky ways to get your kids to exercise... without them realising it

Do your kids move as little as possible and then complain when you suggest going outside to play, or going for family walk? (we call them a family adventure hehe)
I have one son, who you'd be forgiven for thinking is allergic to exercise...
So I have to come up with crafty ways of getting him to move. I have my top 5 sneaky suggestions for you, read on...
  1. Ask them to bring you one item at a time.

    "Sam can you please bring me your pillowcase" when that is delivered "Sam can you please bring me your fitted sheet" hehehe.
I pretended I was making something with Lego once and used this trick, "Sam can I please have a yellow block of Lego" when this was delivered "Sam can I please have a blue block of Lego". I wasn't making anything, but it was a lot of back and forth from his bedroom..
  1. Set up a little treasure hunt in the around the house.

    Doesn't have to be anything fancy, could just be ribbons. Then ask the kids to go and find all the ribbons in exchange for a 'prize'. You could make them one our Pink Smoothies as the prize, sign up to our newsletter for the recipe.

The art of the hunt is fantastic and fun competition and I'll bet they ask you to do it again and again. It's kind of like the dopamine hit kids get from playing a video game.

  1. Hand the kids a tennis ball.

    Kids cannot resist bouncing and playing with a ball. A tennis ball is small easy to handle and bounces really well. You could also draw a hopscotch on the driveway, or patio with chalk, which gives them something to aim for.

  2. Put fun dancy music on.

    If your dancing the kids won't be able to resist getting their boogie on with you, and it always delivers a great laugh even if it’s just at yourself.

Some winning suggestions: "Can't stop that feeling" and "Get back up again" from Trolls, "Let it go" from Frozen, "Happy" from Despicable Me 2, "Everything is awesome" from the Lego Movie, "Uptown funk" Mark Ronson n Bruno Mars, "Party Rock Anthem" LMFAO, "Let's get rediculous" Redfoo.

  1. Chase the kids around the house.

    Have you noticed that when you start running, they can't help but run with you. A few laps down the hall and around the dining table and they'll be sweaty, tired and you'll all be having a great laugh together. Beautiful memory making time...


I reached out to my Instagram followers and asked them to share some of their sneaky tricks, and they came up with some great answers.

  • Get the kids helping with the cleaning. Win Win Win
  • Have the kids ride their scooters while you go for a run/walk/ride. Another beautiful memory making moment.
  • Take them to the beach, no one comes home with energy ;-)
  • Bring them to walk the dog, cat, bird watch, lizard spot. Or get them involved with animals, which is fantastic for all areas of their development.
  • Use bribery.. hehehe

Hope you have enjoyed my little list of clever trickery.. give these a try with your kids tonight.

Hopefully they love the cleaning option 

Louisa xx