Quality Girls Activewear with a difference.

Quality Girls Activewear with a difference.

Our shorts have been created by a mum, for her young girls. 

I have two very active young girls, so I signed them up to do Gym classes and quickly realised that their ballet outfits weren't leaving much to the imagination... I then looked around the room to the other parents watching the class and had an awful thought! You know the one..

Hoping, Wishing, Praying that these adults weren't enjoying the show,  I'm sure they weren't, but that was just my police officer brain kicking in...
As soon as the class was finished we dashed home and I went through the girls wardrobe to see what better activewear options they had.. Not much!
Their wardrobe was full of dresses and skirts and pretty sparkly tops, not really gymesk attire.

So down the shops we go... I could only find a very small range of cotton activewear in one store for Kids. I knew that I didn't want a cotton product, but I had no other options. Low and behold, a few washes in, and the shorts were stretched and faded.
I then decided to create my own range. I started with shorts, because I knew this was a must for my girls at gym. My designs have a few KEY non-negotiables.

1. I didn't want any visible stitching, especially as the stitching is usually a different colour to the fabric, and draws like an arrow to the areas on a girl that I don't want to be catching any eyes.
2. Comfortable with minimal stitched edges, to avoid the 'scratchiness' complaint we normally get from kids.
3. Appropriate leg length, long enough to cover the booty at all times.
4. Short enough for the girls to wear under their school uniform.

We have tested several styles, in lots of different fabric combinations. To come up with our inaugral release of Super Stars.

As a mum, I know that you will be able to put your girls into our activewear with peace of mind that there will be 'no show' for any 'creepy eyes' out their.